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ROKA Commercial Cleaning Services focuses on the individual needs of the client regarding specialized surface cleaning. The use of professional equipment and the selection of the appropriate technology allows you to provide services at the highest level.

The company is made up of people with several years of experience in the industry who perform technological tests before starting the service.

Our motto is punctuality, reliability, flexibility and ecology. We provide services without interfering with the client’s activities. This allows us to quickly develop our offer and implement increasingly complex orders.

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What People Say

ROKA came out to clean my house after moving out in order to pass the cleaning inspection from the estate agent, I have a dog who sheds hair quite bad and I can honestly say, the house was immaculate with no hair in sight on any carpet, hidden corner or curtain! This then passed the inspection 😊 I am no having my new homes bathroom roof cleaned due to not having had a fan in the bathroom it created a lot of mould on the ceiling, this has been thoroughly cleaned and is back to being white! Outstanding work and I highly recommend ROKA.

Demi Muggeridge

“ROKA has provided excellent cleaning services for the past year without missing a day of service. Now I can focus on my job, and leave the cleaning to the professionals.”

Melisa Dowen


“Very satisfied. Our house looks like we just moved in! Our wood floors are cleaner than I could ever get them myself. All I can say is I would recommend this company to everyone.”

Emily Clark


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