• Modern compact design for professional commercial use

• Large-surface pre-filter, 3200 cm2: perfect filtration and exceptional air flow

• Built for a long service life: robust, shatterproof, maintenance-friendly

• Four wheels and an oval design: won’t tip over, easy to manoeuvre in any work situation

• Accessories can be mounted on the housing: quick suction nozzle change

• HEPA filter available as an optional accessory

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With the new Monovac generation, there is a new wind of high technology blowing in the world of dry vacuum cleaners. The innovative «Defi ned Air Pressure» ensures that noise emissions remain low, even with the highest-possible vacuuming performance. The large size of the pre-filter (Class M) promotes the suction, as the air can fl ow through easily without any resistance. The sensitive handle on the Monovac Touch’n’Clean is ergonomic and comfortable: touch the handle to operate the machine – let go and it stops.

For more details please visit https://monovac.co.uk/

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