Advice in the selection of chemicals and machines to maintain the cleanliness

Efficient and professional cleaning requires not only machines and cleaning products, but also knowledge of new technologies and their appropriate selection. It should take into account the type of dirt, the type of surface being cleaned, the way it is used, the specificity of the facility, or the expected duration of the contract. It is important to properly dispense chemical concentrates, proper selection of equipment and machines. All this has a direct impact on the economic efficiency of cleaning.

The key to reducing the cost of cleaning is well-trained staff. We direct the training offer to owners of cleaning companies and middle management. We train and also teach how to effectively train linear staff both in terms of technology and organization of work, rules for calculating contracts and skills in managing people.

We invite you to cooperate with the conviction of professional satisfaction of your needs. At the same time, we would be grateful for any contact with us, suggestions or information about your needs and expectations.

ROKA does not stop at the role of the distributor. By providing high quality products and advanced technology that ensure the best performance, we also ensure that we know how to use them.