Cleaning carpets and floors is one of the components of a wide range of cleaning services we offer.

We carry out orders related to broadly understood cleaning carpets; washing, stain removal, impregnation and conservation. We also carry out similar works on other horizontal surfaces (floors, stoneware, etc.).


For cleaning floor surfaces, we only use professional equipment and materials, which allows us to achieve a perfect effect. We use only high-class, antiseptic, antiallergic, environmentally friendly and certified chemicals. We do not use substitutes, because it would create unnecessary risk. Years of work in the industry have taught us that only proven brands of products guarantee quality. For this reason, we rely primarily on the products of such companies known not only in Europe, but all over the world companies that provide specialized equipment and cleaning products for the best.



As part of our business, we offer a whole range of services related to:

  • cleaning and impregnation of floor coverings, floors, gres,
  • washing and cleaning other horizontal surfaces,
  • protecting all floor surfaces,
  • refreshing and disinfection.