Have you noticed that despite the use of high-quality chemicals and floor care products, your floor is scratched and does not look the same as before? Or maybe every time you walk around the floor, your movements resemble an uncertain dance on the ice and every step threatens to fall? If you live in Surrey and these problems are not strange to you, our advice and services may be very useful for you.

If you care about the fact that your floor still looks like new, it is worth getting acquainted with the subject of polymer coatings, thanks to which the resistance to abrasion and dirt increases. Polymeric coatings not only protect your floor against mechanical damage, but also provide it with a mirror-like gloss, facilitate the removal of all dirt and give it anti-slip properties.


The action of polymer coatings consists in closing micropores of various textures and structures of floors and creating a physical barrier between the carpet and external factors that cause mechanical and physical damage. Polymerization of floors, because this is the process of applying polymer coatings to the floor, is a service available in Surrey by our company. Thanks to this treatment, the polymer coating is worn out first, not the top layer of the floor. Therefore, applying the coatings on your floor will extend its good appearance and durability.

On which surfaces is the application of the polymer coating the best? Polymer coatings can be used on virtually any type of surface, but it is especially recommended to apply coatings on PVC, rubber, linoleum, etc. linings, because they are relatively quickly devastated.